Hotel Parking: The Untapped Revenue Stream

Are you a hotel operator looking for ways to increase revenue? More than ever, the hotel industry is catching on to up selling ancillary services, following the example mastered by airlines in their search for new non-airfare revenue streams...

Parking Reservations

How to Increase Parking Reservations with Marketing

Successful parking businesses know that marketing is essential to engaging customers, amplifying their brand, and increasing sales. But for some operators, the world of marketing is a mysterious and scary place...

Four Tips to Building a Yield Management Strategy

Are you certain you’re getting the maximum revenue from your parking rates? Did you know that you can manage your rates to set the right price for the right parker at the right time? This strategy is called yield management and it is the same as that used by airlines, hotels, car rental - even Uber...

How to Boost Parking Revenue with a Customer Loyalty Program

Are your marketing efforts for your parking operation only aimed at garnering new customers? If so, then it might be time to rethink your strategy. Today’s consumer not only expects an excellent customer experience but also assumes, even demands, a customer loyalty program that is personal and relevant to their buying habits...

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