Reservations and Profitability

Offering web-based reserved parking is easy with the Parking Reservation Softwares Rez Port system. A booking engine is placed on a facility’s website and used to pre-pay a reserved spot. Consumers find the booking engine via SEO, PPC or through learned behavior such as checking parking availability or flight status on an airport website. The booking process is seamless and generates a proof of purchase good for entry and/or egress.

Reservation Ticket

Reservations guarantee the operator revenue, cash flow, a barrier to competitive in roads and end user satisfaction. A strong base of pre-booked reservations on a day to day basis provides operators with the ability to “yield up” remaining inventory pricing. The more pre-booked reservations acquired, the higher last minute/drive up rates can be set. Pre-booking rates can be discounted to encourage reservation activity.

This approach is enabled by RezPort’s robust reservation system, dynamic/real time pricing capability and the ability to limit inventory sales by price tier.

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