What software does Parking Reservation Software use?

Parking Reservation Software owns and operates the patent-pending SmartLuis™ platform to power its cloud-based centralized parking management system.

  • Created and optimized for any size operation, including airports, municipalities, off-airport, off-cruise port, hotel and downtown parking facilities
  • On-line, centralized parking reservation system
  • Designed and created for parking operators to embed a white-label solution on a wide range of channels: website, mobile, social, email, video, corporate, travel agencies and much more
  • Managed and supported by Parking Reservation Software 24/7/365
  • Integrates with automated Parking Access and Revenue Control System (known as PARCS)
What are the features of SmartLuis™?

Parking Reservation Softwares Parking Management System Features:

  • Parking Management System: A cloud-based white-label technology with a highly reliable, flexible and productive solution that is integrated into reservations, memberships and ancillary services.
  • Real-Time Cloud-Based Reservations: A cloud-based reservation system that allows customers to access any real-time account activity in the cloud.
  • Yield Management: A logical user interface system empowering Parking operators to determine the right price to charge based on available inventory and supply and demand. The system has the ability to execute dynamic pricing strategies, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue or profits from a fixed, perishable resource through multiple channels.
  • Customer Booking Experience: The customer experience is enhanced by all of the features above making the booking path easy, accessible and retrievable.
  • Customer Loyalty: Enables Parking operators to collect customer data that rewards the loyal buying behavior. By deploying a parking loyalty program at your business, frequent parkers can earn corporate points, redeem awards such as free stays, upgrades and ancillary services, and review account information in real time.
  • Monthly Parking: Parking operators are able to manage monthly parking permits and accounts for multiple facilities, rates and permits through a single point dashboard.
  • Marketing: Customer data is available and can be utilized to market directly to customers. We also offer a wide range of Parking Reservation Software Internet Marketing Services that can help drive traffic into converting lookers into bookers.
  • Support: Parking Reservation Software offers US-based 24/7/365 phone or online support.


How does the parking reservation system allow customers to easily check parking availability by parking product with pricing options?

The Parking Reservation Software platform is an omni-channel solution with capabilities to operate:

  • Multiple facilities, products and channels for pricing and inventory
  • Multiple ancillary services

Based on the criteria entered into the search area (dates, times, codes, etc.), the system will present all parking options available in real time.

How many steps are required for a customer to make a booking?

Parking Reservation Softwares user friendly booking platform requires only Three Easy Clicks:

  1. Enter dates/times
  2. Select available options
  3. Add customer info along with payment information to confirm selection
What does omni-channel mean?

Omni-channel is a software capability used to offer businesses marketing segmentation capabilities and to offer customers a fully integrated experience across multiple demand channels.

For businesses, omni –channel gives the parking operator the ability to set up, manage, market, track and analyze results for multiple:

  • Accounts (corporate accounts, employee accounts, etc)
  • Ancillary Services
  • Facilities
  • Promotions and pricing tiers (coupons, online promotions with codes, social media offers, etc.)

For customers, omni-channel offers a seamless and unified customer experience. A customer can begin and continue their buying experience on one channel and continue on another, such as:

  • Physical locations
  • Web
  • Social media
  • Live chat
  • Mobile
  • Telephone
What types of payments are accepted?

Parking Reservation Software software supports all major credit cards.


How does the reservation system function?

Parking Reservation Software customer interface features a real-time, cloud-based online parking reservation system for a Client to manage rates, inventory and ancillary services through a single point dashboard while offering full service convenience to customers.

How accurate is the technology for real time availability information, and what affects it?

The Parking Reservation Software reservation system currently processes over 100,000 new, modified and cancelled reservations per month in a real-time environment. The system currently stores over 2 million records and over 10,000 rates, and provides 100% accuracy as it pertains to displaying real-time information to the user.

In addition, the platform is hosted on the world’s largest hosting network.

What does cloud-based mean?

Cloud-based is a computing term meaning a system is based on the internet making it readily available on demand.

Is your system integrated with any travel management companies?

Yes, the Parking Reservation Software platform is integrated into the world’s largest expense management company CONCUR.

What does real-time mean?

Real-time defined: “of or relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback.”

This function gives the software the ability to show and give information as it actually happens, in real time.

What is the benefit of real-time?

Parking Operator Benefit: With real-time capability, an operator can see parking inventory and reservations as they happen to make better management decisions.

Parking Customer Benefit: A parking customer can book a reservation based on what is available at that time, and receive immediate confirmation of the reservation.

What is the benefit of a cloud-based system?

Parking Reservation Software uses a cloud-based system because it is the industry’s best way to ensure security, enhance functionality and increase capacity.

It is also the most efficient method of online management because it does not require local office staffing and training.

Is your system integrated with PARCS or payment gateway companies?

Parking Reservation Software is integrated with many PARCS and payment gateway companies with the capability of future integrations that would provide the security for any form of payment.


What is yield management (aka revenue management)?

Yield Management defined: “A variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue or profits from a fixed, time-limited resource (such as airline seats or hotel room reservations or parking inventory)”

Parking Reservation Software software is capable of helping parking operators determine the right price, at the right time, based on the right available inventory.

This technology provides airports with a solution similar to those used by the airline, hotel, and car rental systems.

How are yield management systems used to maximize revenue?

Using Parking Reservation Software software, parking operators can make more intelligent and strategic decisions using these yield management elements to maximize revenue:

  • Dynamic pricing: the use of flexible pricing strategies based on customer behavior
  • Customer data analysis: reporting tool used for understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior
  • Inventory Allocation: assigning spaces to specific price tiers, based upon demand forecast and dynamic pricing structure, just like an airline or hotel


How does the customer loyalty feature function?

Known as smartREWARDS, the Parking Reservation Software customer loyalty software allows a parking operator to define a point system while allowing parkers to redeem and review their loyalty points online 24/7.

Parking Reservation Softwares customer loyalty function is offered either as a stand-alone and/or integrated proprietary solution and is white-labeled into the parking operator’s website and other marketing channels.

Is this functionality a part of your system or is it integrated into a third party system?

Yes, smartREWARDS is part of our system.

SmartLuis™ will be deployed on your website and other channels for online customers to easily quote, reserve and prepay parking in a dynamic environment. Our proven system provides integrated solutions between any device and database allowing your management to access critical information in a real-time environment.


What are the benefits of a monthly parking function?

Parking Reservation Software software supports a monthly parking function that allows parking operators to:

  • Collect parking fee via credit card and eCheck
  • Offer multiple rates for different types of parking
  • Can be integrated into permit system
  • Supports both access card and hang tag
  • Manage all account information online; registration, invoicing, and payments

For the operator’s customer, monthly parking provides:

  • Self-serve activation
  • English & Spanish
  • Pay online with credit card or eCheck
  • View and print receipts
  • Special Announcements


How is marketing utilized with the parking management software?

In the reservation process, customer data is collected and stored for later retrieval for analysis and marketing purposes. Using this data the parking operator can segment customer records by different criteria for strategic SEO, PPC, social, email and channel marketing.

Can your system integrate with a parking operator website?

Yes, as a white-label system our customer interface seamlessly integrates into parking operator’s website with the same design elements. iFrame integration is an option for Client.

Can your parkingmanagement system integrate with third parties, including airlines, travel agents and corporations?

Our platform is the only parking reservation system in a true omni-channel environment. In short, the parking operator would be able to produce unlimited reservation channels for third parties. Moreover, each third party client could be set up with their own pricing and inventory structure as well as promo codes.

How is customer privacy assured?

Parking Reservation Softwares software is in a Microsoft environment and offers a range of best-in-class security products from established software security companies.

Parking Reservation Software deploys PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant ready software and leverages a secure hosting environment that meets Level 1 PCI industry standards. Because payment card data is not stored in our database, our solution is considered to be “out-of-scope” which gives you a significantly lower assessment level and makes your data more secure.

Our product also uses “tokenization” for an added level of credit card security. While some systems store encrypted credit card numbers in their databases, we have partnered with card processors that encrypt the card data and store it in their ultra-secure servers. In turn, the processor sends a token for that stored card back to our database in a matter of seconds. This “token” is used for card-on-file transactions to ensure card data is secure. This means you don’t need to worry about security, reliability, software upgrades or internal IT costs.

Can your parking software system integrate into common platforms for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, CRM, etc., e.g. HubSpot, Google Analytics, Salesforce?



How does Parking Reservation Software offer a better customer booking experience?

Because our technology is the most advanced in the industry, Parking Reservation Software offers customers the best reservation experience through:

  • Convenience – Customer online reservation and prepay
  • Security – PCI compliant system allows secure online payments
  • Accessibility – Customers can view and print receipts
  • Communication – Special announcements can be made directly to customers
Does a customer have to have a physical confirmation?

While a customer can show a physical confirmation, the system supports lookup by another identifier and there are several options to retrieve a record.

Can a customer modify and/or cancel a booking before entry into the parking facility? If yes, describe the process.

Yes, a customer can modify and/or cancel a booking before entry. Parker is required to enter Confirmation Number and Last Name.

What information is contained in the confirmation?

Information contained in the booking confirmation is:

  • Customer profile
  • Policies
  • Payment information
  • Loyalty redemption
What are the benefits of having an account?

For the parking operator, a customer profile allows for customer data collection that can be used to know your customer demographic and to execute personalized marketing strategies accordingly.

For the parker, having an account makes parking reservation simple, fast and secure.

How does the customer access the lot?

Customer accesses the lot with an access identifier such as bar code, credit card, license plate, and transponder (if the PARCS provider is capable of reading RFID). Some identifiers allow for hands-free access into the car park.

How far in advance can a booking be made?

Because Parking Reservation Softwares system is real-time, bookings can be made within seconds in advance of entry. Our system allows a booking to be made in advance up to 365 days by channel.

What method of delivery is used for booking confirmations?

Method of delivery is instant email notifications.

Can a customer create an account?

Yes, a customer Account is created online during or outside the booking process. Customer profile payment information is required.

Does your system allow a customer to purchase non-parking products at some point in the booking path?

Yes. Non-parking ancillary services can be purchased and can include auto services, pet boarding and dry cleaning or other.


What type of assistance is offered when there are issues with the technology?

Parking Reservation Software US-based phone and online Support Operations are available 24/7/365.

What are your system uptime statistics?

Parking Reservation Softwares system uptime is 99.8%.

How do you assist customers when your technology doesn’t work or they don’t understand how to use it?

Parking Reservation Software trains the designated staff to troubleshoot basic issues. We recommend attendants on-site to troubleshoot issues.

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