RezPort Product

RezPort is an all-inclusive solution that integrates with PARCS installations to improve the management and revenue stream of large parking operations.

RezPort is fully loaded, off the shelf software that maximizes revenue, efficiency and control right out of the box. Unlike the competition, RezPort enables operators to improve yield and customer service immediately, utilizing its full range of functionality, reporting capability and revenue generating pricing controls.

RezPort Parking Management Software comes loaded with World -Class features

Whether operating a major facility or multi-location enterprise, RezPort offers a solution to meet your management needs. Our Parking Management System provides the ability to implement an entire business strategy on one easy-to-use web-based platform.

  • Parking Management System: A cloud-based smart parking system white-label technology with a highly reliable and flexible solution, integrated into both operational processes and PARCS. The Parking Management Software includes:
    • A fully integrated back-office system that allows information to flow smoothly from one database to the other in real time.
    • An affordable, web-based point-of-sale management system designed to help businesses quickly process tickets, manage revenue, mitigate cash slippage and accurately produce detailed reports for forecasting and financial data in a real-time environment.
    • Dynamic pricing capability, capacity control features that leverage historical data to simplify yield management strategies.
  • Real-Time Reservations: A cloud reservation software system that allows customers to access account activity via any demand channel.
  • Yield Management System: Empowers parking operators to determine the right price based on available inventory and demand. The system can execute dynamic pricing strategies based on a fixed, perishable inventory through any demand channel.
  • Parker Booking Experience: The customer experience is enhanced by ease of use features making the booking path easy, accessible and retrievable.
  • Customer Loyalty: Enables Parking operators to collect customer data that rewards loyal buying behavior. By deploying a parking loyalty program, frequent parkers can earn corporate points, redeem awards such as free days, upgrades and ancillary services.
  • Monthly Parking: Parking operators are able to manage monthly parking permits and accounts for multiple facilities, rates and permits through a single point dashboard.
  • Marketing Parking: Customer data is available and can be utilized to market directly to customers. We offer a wide range of Internet Marketing Services that can help drive traffic through almost any channel.
  • Support: Parking Reservation Software offers US-based 24/7/365 phone or online support.

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