A comprehensive Parking Management Software solution built for the most complex and challenging parking operations in the world.

RezPort Parking Management Software system is for large, multi-faceted Public facilities that want one system that does it all. From access and revenue control to reservations and inventory tracking, RezPort immediately helps parking operators generate more revenue and improve operational efficiency. Find Out More:

See the benefits that RezPort can provide for your business.


Built to turn the Parking Industry’s biggest challenges into opportunity.

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The Rezport Product

An all-inclusive solution that integrates with PARCS installations to improve the management of large parking operations.

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Clients use RezPort in a variety of ways to improve both revenue generation and operating efficiency.

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Challenges and RezPort Solutions

Each sector of parking has its own unique challenges. But all operators of large facilities share the need for improving operational efficiency, access and control coordination and revenue generation.

Reservations and Profitability

Reservations are a fast-growing segment of the Parking Industry. Consumer behavior change, use of mobile and more reserved inventory are propelling this growth. Consumers are becoming aware of the convenience and time-saving nature of pre-booking a parking spot, particularly for events, during busy business hours and at high congestion venues like airports. Here’s why reservations are important to the health of your business.

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Increase Revenue


Maximize inventory utilization


Already the most comprehensive reservation software in parking, the new software release allows Parking Reservation Software to provide innovative solutions for everything from the latest PARCS technologies to end user preferences. Parking Reservation Software is uniquely designed to meet the rising demands of both the transportation industry and consumers.

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