From a Start-Up with a Vision, to a World-Class Parking Technology Solution

The Story

Parking Reservation Software was founded in 2010 in response to the growth in online usage and the resulting changes in consumer behavior. Parking operators were struggling with multiple parking management software systems, the increasing cost of third-party integrations and the need for a single solution for parking operations and reservations.

Parking Management Solution in Real-Time

Parking Reservation Software developed the first ever system that provides parking industry operators the ability to integrate with their PARCS (Parking Revenue Access Control System) infrastructure, manage reservations, multiple rate structures, inventory control, ancillary services, partner channels and marketing campaigns – all in real-time.

SmartLuis; It’s All About Technology

Parking Reservation Software is powered by the SmartLuis platform that includes a central reservation system and Point of Sale capability. SmartLuis is a powerful white label software platform that drives everything from reservations to integration with external demand channels.

Parking Management Software


The More Ambitious the Goal, the More Successful the Solution


It’s All About Technology


Parking Management System for large, multi-faceted Public facilities


Parking Management System for independent and multi-location operators


The Parking Reservation Software system brings reservation technology and marketing together for a powerful combination that drives parkers to client websites where they can secure online prepaid parking reservations. The technology is driven by a cloud-based CRS and can be optimized for laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones. Operators have complete control over reservations, payments, dynamic pricing, inventory control, customer loyalty rewards and consumer marketing.

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