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A local business listing is an online snapshot of your business containing your business name, Address and phone number, hours of operation and other details. Our service offers implementation and management of your local business listings across local directories like Yelp, Google, Bing and Apple Maps.

Local business listings are the “block and tackle” of any local marketing effort.

Here’s how our Local Listing Management benefits your operation:

  • Gives your business more visibility
  • Increases your chance of being found online
  • Listings in over 60 local directories – the more directories that you are listed on, the more visible you are
  • Insert key terms into enhanced content to improve organic SEO visibility in local search engine results
  • Boosts your credibility with search engines and thus, boosts your SEO rankings
  • A means for your operation to update important information, push deals, specials and promos

We connect any existing local profiles you have with our software and push updates across all major directories as often as you’d like. We implement important search engine optimization keywords into your business description to get you listed higher in local results.

Compelling web copy and blogging are essential to today’s online business. Online consumers are seeking quick, easy-to-read information and will give you only three seconds to deliver it!

Driving traffic to your website depends heavily on new and relevant content. Once a customer visits your website, it is the art of persuasion through well-crafted copy that inspires them to click-through to a sale. Here are a few ways web and blog copy can increase your parking revenue:

  • Adds fresh content to your site, a tactic that boosts your site’s organic SEO rankings
  • Delivers relevant parking and travel information to your audience
  • Engages customers during the purchase process
  • Brings awareness and interest to your brand

Let us help you serve up your message in stimulating content and intriguing blogs, then watch your traffic and sales rise!

Social Media Management
The importance of having an online social media presence can’t be overstated. Today’s consumer lives and breathes on social media, and the goal is to engage them on any platform. Wherever consumers go, your business can be there! Having a social media presence is the perfect place to:

  • Begin relationships with potential customers
  • Cultivate and nurture relationships through consistent engagement, posts, and responses.
  • Help parkers to find your operation, book reservations, and build your business
  • Raise brand awareness

Reputation Management services are also available.

Facebook Advertising & Reservations
These revenue-generating ads are shown across Facebook (on desktop, mobile phone, tablet) and are designed to connect your product to a relevant audience on that platform using Facebook’s algorithm.

Here’s how Facebook ads are beneficial to your parking operation:

  • You only pay for clicks – impressions (exposure / branding) are free!
  • Everyone is on social media – put your brand where your customers are spending their time
  • Increased visibility outside of Google AdWords, against prospects that might not be aware of your brand
  • Tracking and real-time data available for optimizations
  • People tend to respond to ads that drive emotional connections within social networks

We develop and manage ads in Facebookʼs Ad Manager platform. Choose targeting and budget, develop messaging and imagery and target the right users. We bring you to your customers – wherever they are. As your customers surf the web’s most popular social channels, your brand will be there. Let us help you establish and maintain your brand’s social presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube – and sit back and watch the impact to your bottom line.

Facebook “Book Now” Button
Facebook is an effective and cost-efficient platform to gain new customers and parking reservations. A “Book Now” button can be added to your Facebook page that is linked to and tracked from your website. Facebook ads are geo and demographically targeted, can cost less than Google ads, and are purchased on a cost-per-click basis. You are only charged if the ad is clicked. Facebook reporting is real-time and on demand.

Exit Pop-Up/Page Abandonment
Are you looking for ways to convert more of your website traffic? Exit Pop-Up functionality on your website displays a message when a user has been on your site for a specific amount of time or is clicking off the site, with a last-ditch effort to entice them to stay. The longer they stay, chances are increased that they will book a parking reservation.

Messages can be customized with or without an offer. Examples:

‘Don’t go, get a free day when you reserve your spot onlineʼ
‘We’re the lowest in town. $4.99/day and a free shuttleʼ

Remind users why they should book with you. An interruptive message gets their attention and gives you one last way to talk about your services before they leave.

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