Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the most important functions of your parking website is its searchability. Does your site appear on Page 1 when Parking is searched in your market? This is important because 75% of web users never scroll past the first page of results! If your site is ranked on the first page, this significantly increases your chance of getting clicks to your site’s reservation page and securing those parking reservations. Here’s why SEO is important to your Parking operation:

  • Gets your site ranked on the first page
  • Uses Organic (unpaid) algorithm-driven methods to get results
  • Doesn’t require ongoing media spend budget, just management of the program
  • Increased visibility means more traffic to your website. If you aren’t at the top, you won’t be seen!

Our skilled SEO team uses proven, cost-efficient tactics that get results. We start with an audit to find your site’s baseline. Then, using keyword strategies we make continual improvements to optimize your website’s performance, pushing your listing to the top of the list on Page 1.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an affordable form of advertising based on ads that are linked to your website. These ads appear at the top and sides of search pages on Google or other search engines in response to people actively searching for your product. This form of advertising is called Pay-Per-Click because the only time an advertiser pays is when the ad is clicked. Here are a few ways PPC can help your Parking operation:

  • You only pay for clicks – impressions (exposure / branding) are free!
  • Ads are targeted to desired geographic and/or demographic audience
  • Audience is in-market, they are actively searching
  • Tracking and real-time data available for optimizations

Our PPC team uses best practices when utilizing keyword structure, messaging testing, historical message data and ad extensions. Using these tools, we develop and manage ads in Googleʼs ad platform (Google AdWords). Our process includes:

  • Choose keywords to bid on
  • Choose the amount willing to spend per click and per month
  • Develop messaging relevant to someone searching for specific keywords
  • Optimize these pieces daily within a campaign structure

Your website is monitored and optimized daily based upon its performance to ensure you get the best price per click.

Together is Better  – Our skilled SEO and PPC professionals know how to use these strategies together to increase your brand’s visibility, clicks to your site, and ultimately, revenue!

Dashboard Reporting – The proof is in the numbers, and we provide the proof! Using a live link to your account’s custom-built dashboard, you can see for yourself how these strategies impact your bottom line.

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