Off-Airport Parking/Off-Site Cruise Port Parking Operators

Off-Airport/Off-Cruise Parking operators utilize extensive staff to manage access, collect payment and guide parkers to the appropriate location. On-site parking competition gets demand organically so off-site operators need to leverage price, convenience and diverse product offerings to effectively compete. Access to Omni-Channel demand potential is critical to driving revenue and utilization.


  • Generating more revenue cost effectively
  • Capturing lost revenue from customers who overstay
  • Staffing manned and unmanned parking lots is labor intensive driving up costs
  • Documenting customer’ reservations across multiple channels is difficult
  • Minimizing the impact of customer No-Shows

RezParc Benefits

  • RezParc manages inventory and pricing to optimize utilization and yield
  • RezParc offers seamless integration with any PARCS infrastructure utilizing proven best practice integration processes
  • Reduces overhead administrative costs with real time reports and automated price change rules
  • Enables operators to reduce “no shows” by driving more pre-paid and reservation business, maximizing ROI

RezParc Functionality

  • Dynamic pricing and inventory control
  • “Real time” parking reporting so operators can make intelligent/precise adjustments to inventory availability (and control) and pricing
  • PARCS Integration process will calculate overstays so customer is charged appropriately even on a pre-paid reservation
  • RezParc Parking Management Software is cloud-based so operators always have access to the system if pricing or control changes are needed
  • Prepaid and reservations reduce “no show” factor, improve cash flow and enable a lower cost of sale across a broader array of demand channels

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