Urban Parking Operator

What we do best?
Operating a parking business in the densely populated and congested urban environment is challenging and the level of competition is daunting. Pricing is complex based on time of day and day of week. Utilization needs to be near capacity to insure profitably.


  • Attract more customers in a crowded, multiple competitor environment
  • Generate more revenue
  • Competitive pricing and pricing elasticity
  • Providing customer convenience and easy-in and easy-out
  • One Stop Shop Approach – Convenience reserving/paying, entering/exiting parking lots

RezParc Benefits

  • Manage rates effectively 365/7/24 to drive highest level of utilization
  • Better control of the “no show” ratio
  • Convenience and efficiency: Eradicates the need to use pay machines, reduces wait times, can make/modify a reservation from any device; increases the propensity for repeat business subsequently increasing brand loyalty
  • Rewards frequent parkers
  • Partnerships with Gating firms can expedite operations

RezParc Functionality

  • Dynamic pricing enables the ability to assign blocks of spaces to specific price tiers, based upon demand forecast
  • Reservations/prepay guaranteed parking
  • Loyalty Program rewards customers for pre-paid reservations
  • PARCS Integrations drives efficiency, convenience and profitability
  • Access to omni-channel demand through sophisticated marketing tactics

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