Benefits ParkingPart 1: Gain More Customers

Parking Reservation Software (PRS) is the world’s most comprehensive parking software solution. Learn how your parking business will benefit from a parking reservation system that has so much more than online reservations in this 4-part series.

Online reservation technology is here to stay and is assumed, if not demanded, by your customers. If you want your parking business to be ahead of the competition, a parking reservation system is a must. In this 4-part series let’s have a look at the many benefits a parking solution offers your business.

Customer Experience – Keep Them Happy

It’s all about the customer, and today’s sophisticated buyer demands convenience and speed. One of the main reasons customers book in advance is the ability to pre-pay a reservation online for a hassle-free parking experience.

Customers today assume that the best companies offer them a seamless buying experience – one that can begin on one channel or device such as a laptop, and continue on any other such as a tablet, phone, web or in person. This experience is only available through omni-channel capability within an online reservation system.

A real-time omni-channel parking reservation system allows customers to book a secure reservation quickly and conveniently, pay online and receive an email confirmation – all in three easy clicks! Happy customer: Return customer.

Customer Loyalty – Look at the Numbers

Did you know that getting new customers can cost up to five times more than keeping current ones? And what’s more, by reducing lost customers only 5%, your profit can be increased by up to 125%! Bottom line is, retaining your existing customers is much more profitable than getting new ones.

While a great customer experience is important to keeping customers, today’s buyer also expects to be rewarded for giving you their repeat business. A white-label online reservation system equipped with a customer loyalty program is the best solution to keeping your customers loyal. A parking reservation system equipped with a loyalty module will allow you to collect data, reward the customer based on buying behavior and define and customize the reward system.

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