YOUR AIRPORT NEEDS A PARKING RESERVATION SYSTEM: FOUR REASONS WHYDid you know that parking is the No. 2 driver of airport revenue after landing and airline fees?   For airport executives looking to gain better control of this critical revenue stream, and compete with off-airport parking competitors while providing a superior customer experience, they must not overlook a critical technology solution – an omni-channel parking reservation system.

Here are four reasons why:

1.  Turn Lookers Into Bookers – Online Reservations

A real-time online parking reservation solution meets the demands of today’s sophisticated traveler. Having an online parking reservation system on the front end gives the consumer immediate access to parking while in the process of finalizing travel plans – on any channel, at any place, at any time.

An online reservation system gives airports the ability to intercept a passenger in the travel planning process and direct them to a parking reservation. Leaving nothing to chance, an online sale turns lookers into bookers.

2.  Capture the Sale Before the Competitor – Marketing
As an airport’s largest parking competitor, the off-airport parking industry spends thousands of marketing dollars each year capturing a passenger’s parking reservation during the travel planning stage.

With an online reservation process, powerful marketing technology such as SEO, PPC and social media will help airports to capture the sale before the competitor.

3.  Run Parking Like an Airline – Yield Management

The same yield management strategies used by airlines and hotels is now available to airports to optimize parking revenue. The available robust data, reporting and dynamic pricing capability empowers airports to run parking like an airline.

  • Robust Data and Reporting – airports can leverage historical customer data and other analytics to make better price and inventory decisions.
  • Dynamic Pricing – allows airports to make pricing adjustments based on available inventory, supply and demand and seasonality, just like an airline or hotel. A logical user interface system empowers airports to determine the right price to charge at the right

4.  Turn Customers Into Fans – Customer Loyalty

Think customer loyalty isn’t important to an airport parking operation? Think again.

Today’s customer expectations are higher than ever, putting more pressure on brands to deliver excellence. With real-time technology readily available, consumers expect to have a personal customer service experience and for their voice to be heard about it through social media.

Having a white-label customer loyalty system allows airports to collect all-important customer data not only for marketing purposes, but that also rewards the customer’s loyal buying behavior, turning your customers into raving fans!

Without question, airport parking is critical to an airport’s business growth. In order to compete with off-airport parking, build customer loyalty data and better manage their operations, executives must consider how a parking reservation system can improve the parking process and, essentially, attract more customers.

Did you know that RezPort is the only proven US-based parking technology that can deliver on all of these criteria? To learn more about how to improve the airport parking process, contact us and follow our conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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