Without question, airport parking is on the rise. In 2016, parking revenue was predicted to grow $4B by 2018. Today, just two years later, the parking sector has expanded three-fold. The U.S. travel association attributes this growth to a rise in both leisure and business travel, and with good reason. Business travel is the highest it’s ever been as companies continue to incorporate remote and mobile employees into their teams. Population growth is significantly attributing to more travel world-wide.

As parking and travel continues to grow, airports and cruise ports are looking for new, more efficient ways to improve their services to meet the demand. They are turning to large-scale parking reservation systems to improve efficiency and keep them ahead of changes in the industry. While it may seem daunting, costly and time-consuming to implement a parking operation system, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Here are three advantages of implementing a large-scale parking reservation system:

  1. Keep up with technological change: It’s no surprise that mobility is impacting the way all businesses serve their customers. With cloud-based large-scale parking operation services, companies can connect electronic payment options and mobile reservation services, enabling more customers to pay and reserve spaces in an efficient manner from anywhere, at any time. This is a win-win for airport and cruise port parking, as it brings in business quicker, significantly growing revenue, and creates an easier way for customers to pay and reserve spots. With a parking operation like RezPort, parking availability and pricing is automatically updated in the cloud, so customers can see real-time availability and pricing. This creates a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing world of technology.
  2. Create a personalized customer experience: Be it a family cruise or a business trip, customers using parking services are all consumers, and in this day and age, they expect personalized and intelligent communications and services. With a parking reservation system, airports and cruise ports can now gather data about customers, such as where they last used services, and when, to create personalized communications and rewards programs. Ultimately, this kind of personalized communication is what builds brand loyalty and keeps a customer coming back.
  3. Embrace data analytics and forecasting: The ability to gather customer data, such as location, time and revenue, airports and cruise ports can predict the highs and lows of business, and other trend forecasting to ensure strategic pricing, staffing and inventory management matches the ebb and flow of business. This kind of data forecasting can also enable businesses to take advantage of revenue opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Without question, the parking industry is growing faster than ever before and needs robust parking operation software to keep up with the changes and growth. With a large-scale parking reservation system like RezPort, airports and cruise ports are more competitive, are able to significantly increase revenue and drive brand loyalty.

To learn more about parking software solutions, visit RezPort and follow our conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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