Without question the parking landscape is transforming. With the proliferation of parking technology and rise in mobility, it’s no surprise that the parking sector has expanded three-fold. Business travel is the highest it’s ever been, as population growth significantly attributes to an increase in travel worldwide.

Indeed, independent parking operators must either embrace innovation or risk being left behind. So where can parking operators go from here? Partnering with a parking reservation software solution that is attuned to the parking industry is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and keep with current trends. Here are three reasons why.

Keep Ahead of Disruption

Partnering with a SaaS parking reservation system will automatically provide opportunities for operators to upgrade their services to a cloud-based large-scale parking operation service that can connect with PARCS companies and electronic payment options. A parking reservation software system will also create easier ways for users to reserve spaces, access facilities and pay from their mobile phone. Plus, with a current pricing is updated in the cloud in real time, so drivers can instantly access availability and pricing from anywhere.

Take Advantage of Customer Data

The ability to gather customer data such as history and demographics help operators predict the highs and lows of business, and other trend forecasting to ensure strategic pricing, staffing and inventory management that matches the ebb and flow of business. This kind of data forecasting can also enable businesses to take advantage of revenue opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Customers today expect personalized and intelligent communications and services. Using current parking technology, operators can now gather data about customers and use it for targeted, personalized communications and rewards programs. Ultimately, this kind of personalized communication is what builds brand loyalty and keeps a customer coming back.

Make Smart Decisions

More than any other time in parking history, operators have every available tool to manage and maximize their revenue. Staying ahead of the competition is now easier than ever with parking reservation management systems that empower operators with such tools as historical customer data for demand forecasting, customizable price tiers and timeframes for dynamic pricing, and inventory management for parking space allocation. Used together these features help operators make smart and strategic decisions that build revenue.

In today’s fast paced parking landscape, independent operators who pursue and embrace the latest technology will stay in the game and ultimately generate more revenue.

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