Benefits Part 4Part 4: Empower Your Marketing

Parking Reservation Software (PRS) is the world’s most comprehensive parking software solution. Learn how your parking business will benefit from a parking reservation system that has so much more than online reservations in this 4-part series.

For companies looking to outpace competitors and grow revenue, Parking Reservation Software’s white-label parking reservation system is here to help. With a real-time marketing technology reservation solution embedded within the software, companies can better target and market to customers and turn visitors into buyers.

Empower Your Marketing

Parking operators are in constant competition and know that in order to stand out, they need to offer a better product or service in a more targeted way than competitors. With a white-label, omni-demand channel parking reservation system, parking operators can offer a higher tier of service to customers. But did you know that an online parking reservation system can also empower stronger, more targeted marketing capability? Here’s how:

Today’s world of digital marketing is dependent upon critical information to better target users and convert customers into brand loyalists – which makes sense. According to the advisory firm Bain & Co, increasing customer retention by 5 percent yields a 25 to 95 percent boost in profit! Still, the question remains: How can you market your company better than competitors?

With Parking Reservation Software’s (PRS) online parking reservation system, companies gather valuable insight and rich data about customers, such as preferences, contact information, frequency and more. Armed with this information, companies can better target marketing campaigns via email, social media, SEO and PPC. Omni-demand channel execution also allows teams to determine if a Facebook campaign outperformed a PPC ad or what price points should be included in which campaigns. Last, omni-demand channel technology helps companies segment and target various marketing campaigns in real time. Measuring a marketing campaign and its success (or failure to deliver) helps teams gain valuable information on how to make the next campaign effective or which tactics teams should not invest in next time.

Strategizing and executing on a highly targeted, highly personalized marketing plan is essential to outpacing competition, and overall, growing revenue. With an online parking reservation software, users can empower their marketing by crafting a multi-faceted marketing campaign that enables customer targeting and success tracking via each channel.

PRS is the one-stop-shop online reservation solution for companies looking to offer a better service in a better way to customers. Integrated with many PARCS companies and payment gateways, the PRS API connects your operation quickly and easily to a fully functional and sophisticated parking management system that drives revenue and improves performance. If you would like assistance with a parking management system provider, contact PRS at

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