Turn Lookers into Bookers - Online Reservations
Parking Reservation Software (PRS) is the world’s most comprehensive parking software solution. Learn how your parking business will benefit from a parking reservation system that has so much more than online reservations in this 4-part series.

RezPort’s parking reservation system is the ideal solution for maximizing airport parking revenue. With our proven white-label parking platform, your airport website can be transformed from an information source to a revenue stream.

Did you know that airport parking revenue ranks as the #1 or #2 airport revenue source following landing and airline fees? For airports looking to gain better control of this critical revenue stream, there is no better solution than a white-label, omni-channel parking reservation system.

In this 4-part series, let’s examine why every airport needs a parking reservation system, and how to source and implement this critical parking solution.

Part 1: Turn Lookers Into Bookers – Online Reservations

For the airline passenger, most airport websites are simply an information source to find last minute details about flights, airport layout, parking and transportation and in-terminal services. But the airport website is a golden opportunity that continues to be overlooked in terms of generating revenue and creating repeat customers.

Since parking is usually the last thing a passenger remembers before heading to the airport, why not embed a real-time online parking reservation system on the airport website giving the passenger immediate access to parking while in the process of finalizing travel plans – on any channel, at any place, at any time.

Simply adding a parking online reservation page will not only remind the customer of their parking need and capture them early in the travel process, but will also enhance the customer experience by providing quick and easy parking reservations.

An online reservation system gives airports the ability to intercept a passenger in the travel planning process and direct them to a parking reservation. Leaving nothing to chance, an online sale turns lookers into bookers.

An added benefit for online reservations is that it converts the airport website typically used for information only, to a revenue generation platform. Passengers can book their parking right from your website!

Without question, airport parking is critical to an airport’s business growth. To compete with off-airport parking, build customer loyalty and better manage their operations, airports must consider how a parking reservation system can improve the parking process and, essentially, attract more customers.

  • Capture the customer early, before they drive to the airport
  • Direct the parking customer to the airport before the competition
  • Secure an online payment, allowing for a no-cash transaction
  • Provide a better customer experience, endearing the customer to the airport
  • Use built-in yield management tools to maximize parking revenue
  • Add customer loyalty option to build customer data and remarket customers

The highest ranking and most innovative airports around the globe have discovered the secret of adding parking reservations to their websites. In Europe and other parts of the world it is typical for an air traveler booking to be accompanied by a parking reservation. North American airports are catching-on and now taking a more proactive approach to parking as a revenue driver.

In the US, airports such as Reagan Airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport and LaGuardia are leading the way with this simple initiative, the reservation being only two or three clicks away from the home page. These high ranking airports are reaping the benefits of powering their websites to generate parking revenue.

Did you know that RezPort is the only proven US-based parking reservation system that delivers on all of these criteria? To learn more about how to improve the airport parking process, contact us and follow our conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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