Digital Marketing - Before and AfterFor airports looking to maximize revenue from airport parking, there is no better solution than RezPort’s white-label, omni-channel parking reservation and yield management system. Digital marketing technology is enabled with this real-time reservation solution that will gain parking customers before the competition.

Part 2: Digital Marketing, Before and After

Airports are looking to increase non-aeronautical revenue streams, including airport parking. As seen in Part 1 of this series, an airport website with an online parking reservation platform will turn “lookers into bookers” and transform the site into a revenue generation tool with a simple reservation. But did you know that an online parking reservation system also empowers you with digital marketing capability both before and after the sale? Here’s how:

First, Snag the Sale

Now with marketing technology enabled via a parking reservation system, you can drive the parking customer directly to your website to make a reservation. The off-airport parking industry, the largest competitor to airport parking, spends thousands of marketing dollars each year to hook a passenger during the travel planning stage. Now your airport has this same ability.

Embedding a white-label parking reservation platform directly on the airport website enables such powerful digital marketing technology as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media, all of which will help airports to snag the sale before the competitor. Used expertly, these tools find and target a traveler in the planning process and drive them to your website to make a parking reservation – before your competition. These services are all available through RezPort’s Marketing Services program.

Then, Market the Customer

Plus, one of the most valuable benefits of an online reservation system is its ability to collect customer data which can then be used for marketing purposes, both inside and outside the terminal.

Data collection is relatively new to the parking industry, but it is now on the rise with the increase of parking reservation systems. When a customer creates an account to book a reservation, basic customer demographics such as name, address and contact information is automatically collected. This “first party” data can be used to increase revenue through marketing communication.

For decades, airlines and hotels have leveraged customer data as a tool to keep customers coming back. For example, sending email campaigns are a direct line of communication that not only nurtures the customer relationship but is also a platform to send offers, promotions, and information. Airports now have this same tool available by simply implementing an online parking reservation system.

Even better, deeper data can be collected in a parking reservation system such as RezPort’s, equipped with omni-channel functions that can track customer preferences and buying behavior. This rich data opens a world of opportunity for marketing based upon each unique customer’s desires and buying patterns.

For airports looking to maximize revenue from airport parking, there is no better solution than RezPort’s white-label, omni-channel parking reservation and yield management system. RezPort is the only proven US-based parking reservation system that delivers on all the features mentioned above. To learn more about how to boost airport parking revenue, contact us and follow our conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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