Gain a competitive advantage and turn customers into returning buyers with real-time customer insights gathered by an online parking reservation system.

Airports are looking to increase non-aeronautical revenue streams, including airport parking. As seen in Part 3, an online parking reservation system helps companies market the right service to the right customer at the right time. An online parking reservation system also helps companies create and grow customer loyalty.

Turn Customers into Fans

Think customer loyalty isn’t important to an airport parking operation? Think again. According to the advisory firm Bain & Co, increasing customer retention by just 5 percent boosts profits by 25 to 95 percent! Just like hotel and airline brands, customers will continue to choose one service over another based on the kind of experience they’re looking for. Today’s customer expectations are higher than ever, they demand a personalized approach, they want the ability to use your service on the go and expect to engage via multiple channels. Users expect to have a personal customer service experience and want their voice to be heard, be it through social media or a customer service email. This is putting more pressure on operators to deliver the right kind of engagement and accessibility.

Thankfully, with RezPort parking reservation software, airports have access to a white-label customer loyalty system that helps them create repeat, loyal customers. A white-label customer loyalty system allows airports to collect all-important customer data that helps them understand customer preferences, as well as when and where they engaged on your platform, helping you tailor customer marketing and engagement to their needs. This also helps your team reward the customer when they return to buy or use your software – turning a customer into a raving fan!

Without question, airport parking is critical to an airport’s business growth. In order to compete with off-airport parking, build customer loyalty data and better manage their operations, executives must consider how a parking reservation system can improve the parking process and, essentially, attract more customers.

Even more compelling is how easily RezPort’s system integrates with PARCS companies and payment gateways, often an issue at airports. RezPort’s API interface ensures a smooth and quick transition to a fully functioning reservation system that increases revenue and improves operating performance.

For airports looking to maximize revenue from airport parking, there is no better solution than RezPort’s white-label, real-time parking reservation system. RezPort is the only proven, fully comprehensive US-based parking reservation system.

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